In my role at the charity, I am responsible for all digital activity, including website management, social media and content creation.

I develop our digital strategy, mapping out the charity’s digital operations in-line with it’s 5-year-ambitions. Winston’s Wish is ambitious about supporting more bereaved children across the UK and digital plays an important part in that.

In my digital strategy, I have incorporated elements of multiple channels, including social media, website, advertising, content marketing and more. Winston’s Wish has a variety of audiences, meaning it is important to consider how best to target them.


At Winston’s Wish, I am responsible for creation engaging content. I developed and implemented a year-long plan of content creation, which has seen the charity produce a number of videos, podcasts and though-leadership blog posts. These have been important in reaching more of the people who need support, as well as social media engagement and website SEO.

I am a skilled video creator and can harness the power of video to tell powerful stories of services user. This is particularly effective on social media, with over 500 million people watching videos on Facebook every single day.


I am solely responsible for the management and development of the Winston’s Wish websites, including the main website, a website for young people, events website and online shop.

I manage and design through WordPress and last year saw a 17% increase in visitors to the websites.


Social media gives us the power to reach a wider audience and engage them in our services. This is vital to not only raise awareness and funds, but to make sure that those who need the charity’s services are aware of them and can access them. I have a proven track record in managing social media accounts with large followings Last year, I generated a 255% increase in Facebook interactions compared to the previous year. I also oversaw a 108% increase in Twitter interactions.

In 2017, I received excellent feedback from Charity Comms for my management of the Winston’s Wish social media, which can be read below:

“If you want to see a really great example of a charity live tweeting a TV programme related to the issue they address look at the hashtag of #SayingGoodbye which was on BBC One very late last night. Although there were many charities online tweeting Winston’s Wish had it all. Sharing insights and quotes from the programme, visuals they’d created in advance with their own young people, sharing contacts for a wide range of organisations in this space and interacting. Good simple messages, pointing back to useful follow up information. It is very rare to have a doc looking at death / dying through the eyes of young people and they made the most of this opportunity. Just wanted to share good practice.” – Charity Comms, 2017

Digital Marketing Communications Manager
Public relations, marketing, social media, digital, strategy, e-marketing and more.

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