Winston’s Wish was founded in 1992 and had it’s old branding for quite some time. The old branding was outdated, clunky and didn’t fit in with the modern approach the charity wanted to take.

The result? A brand refresh project.


The rebrand aligned with the charity’s 25th anniversary and the launch of it’s five year ambitions – which outlined the charity’s aims over a five year period.

One of those ambitions was to reach more children and we felt that to do so, the charity needed a visual identity fit for the modern age.

I managed the branding project alongside the Head of Marketing and Communications at Winston’s Wish, working closely with colleagues in the Senior Leadership Team.

After going out to tender, we appointed and worked closely with a branding agency in Glasgow called Jamhot.


The new brand – which was nominated for an award at the Third Sector Awards 2018 – has been a big hit, internally and externally. It is strong and bold, while also being soft enough to reflect the important work the charity does.

Coral was a brave choice as the brand’s primary colour, but we felt that it would allow the charity to standout in a crowded sector, while also working well across digital platforms and in print collateral.

Alongside the new visual identity, the charity has launched a new strapline ‘Giving hope to grieving children’. The new strapline conveys hope – a key element of the support the charity gives bereaved children and families. It focuses on grief rather than bereavement and is a reminder that Winston’s Wish is positive and optimistic about children and families, and that we will go on the journey with a child however difficult it may seem at the outset.

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