When In Bed With Maradona was taken over by a new investor, myself and a group of fellow In Bed With Maradona Editors broke off to start our own project. On the 1st of April 2018 the Short Pass launched, designed to create short but high-quality football content. I work with a team of Editors and almost 50 writers to create engaging content.

The World Cup

The World Cup was an important period for the site, especially so soon after launch. We worked incredibly hard to create previews for all 32 teams before the tournament, as well as reports every day of the tournament. We also worked with our writers to create features about historic World Cup moments and culture pieces such as their favourite and most hated World Cup kits.


As well as writing and editing, I have worked on the design aspect of the site. I was responsible for setting up the website, using WordPress, and I have also started to create illustrations for the site. I am a beginner at this (and in no way an expert!) but have enjoyed developing my skills and trying something new.

Please note: The Short Pass ceased to exist in November 2018.

The Short Pass

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