I left my role at Winston’s Wish in April 2019 to take up the position of Marketing Manager at HireWindow.

HireWindow is a pre-revenue start-up that is building a platform to revolutionise the STEM graduate recruitment. The platform match-makes STEM students and grads with graduate jobs and internships based on unique personality tests.

It was a unique opportunity to grow something from nothing. The start-up is pre-revenue and pre-launch, so my responsibility was to grow the user base from zero.

In my role as Marketing Manager, I was responsible for all marketing activity, including both online and offline.

I developed a strategy to best target students, mapping out the company’s marketing activity.

In my strategy, I have incorporated elements of multiple channels, including social media, PPC, advertising, content marketing and more.


At HireWindow, I produced weekly content and videos aimed at helping students find their perfect-fit graduate job.

The idea was to position HireWindow as a trusted source of information. If students can get access to expert insight that would help them, they would trust HireWindow to find them a job.

The weekly videos – which would then be re-purposed into blog posts and social content – were well received by our audience.


The main tactic I chose to achieve our strategy’s goal was paid social media advertising. We ran social ads across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

I was responsible for developing the creative, building the target audience and deploying the ads across different activations.


I left HireWindow after just five months – in August 2019 – in order to pursue another opportunity.

At the time of leaving, I had converted 320 students onto the platform, with a cost per acquisition of £5.60.

Marketing Manager
Marketing, social media, digital, strategy, e-marketing and more.

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